Project Floyd County Blessing Bags

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Project Floyd County Blessing Bags

We are so excited to have our second project and it is an urgent need!

As you know, we are still collecting tennis shoes and/or donations for our first project–Project Appalachia Tennis Shoes. We are collecting those donations until the end of May in order to send shoes to kids at camp in June who have no shoes.

Well, our second project has arrived–Project Floyd County Blessing Bags.

We are so blessed to have connected with another organization, Tomahawk Mission, who is working to serve poor areas in Kentucky. Terri, the wonderful founder of Tomahawk Mission, has gathered supplies and will be delivering them to the God’s Appalachian Partnership (GAP) organization on May 5th. We have agreed to provide blessing bags, which are resealable (Ziploc-like) bags filled with hygiene products and other items, to them to give out to senior citizens and those in a group home.

We need to have the donated items packaged and ready to ship May 1, 2012, which means we need them from you no later than April 28, 2012.

Angie from GAP provides a little more about how the bags will be used:

 We are in Floyd County. We have some extreme poverty in this area. But, the poorest of families get food stamps. We do give supplemental food for those who don’t have enough to make it through the month. The families that fall through the cracks are the ones that work and their benefits are cut because of working even a minimum wage job. We do work with the senior citizens center and a group home where the blessing bags can be put to good use. There are about 25 seniors and 65 residents at the group home. The bags can be given by us when we go in to do activities at both places.

Some of these families receive food stamps. Unfortunately, they cannot purchase cleaning supplies or hygiene items with them. So these people often go without them.

Can you imagine how you would feel and what it would do to your self worth if you didn’t even have soap to clean your body or toothpaste to brush your teeth?

We are believing in God to help us provide all 90 of the senior citizens and group home residents with bags. But, we can’t do it without you!

How Can You Help?

We need either $10 donations to help purchase the products, or you can make your own blessing bag to send to us. To make a bag, place the following items into a large, clear, resealable bag (like Ziploc):

  • Bar soap (mild, individually-wrapped)
  • Shampoo (Trial Size)
  • Conditioner (Trial Size)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant (solid)
  • Small Baby Powder
  • Individual Tissue Packages
  • Small Package Antibacterial Wipes (lowest alcohol content is best) (like “Wet Wipes” )
  • Note or Card of Encouragement (Something as simple as, “I hope this bag blesses you. Sincerely, Jackie from Indiana” is fine, or feel free to write more. We don’t recommend including your home address unless you have a separate shipping address.)
Optional “Feel Good” Items 
We always like to include optional items that we like to call “feel good items”–you know, the things people give you that make you think, “Oh! That was so nice!”
If you have room in your bag, feel free to include:
  • Pair of Socks
  • Suckers or Hard Candy
  • Pack of Crackers
  • Small Notebook and Pen
If you are more comfortable shipping your items in bulk and having us package them, we are happy to do that!
Please send completed bags or bulk items by April 28, 2012:
The Monkey Do Project, PO Box 78335, Indianapolis, IN 46278
Thank you for your continued assistance in helping us reach the most distressed areas of Appalachia the United States.


About Floyd County, Kentucky:

Floyd county, Kentucky, is in the Eastern part of the state. It is listed by the government as economically distressed and, according to the U.S. Census data, has 29% of the people living below the U.S. poverty line.

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