General Motors Goes Above and Beyond to Help Others, Including Monkey Do Project


General Motors Goes Above and Beyond to Help Others, Including Monkey Do Project


I met Connie Burke, of General Motors North Central Region Communications, at a blogging event where she was on a panel of speakers. She was funny and knowledgeable and completely unpretentious. During the conference, we joked over Twitter and then we went our separate ways. Yet some of the things that she had said during the panel stuck with me for weeks after.

It takes a special kind of speaker who makes you feel like you can connect with  them after a conference, and Connie was that kind of speaker. I had some questions about how non-profits should approach brands to work with them. I inquired on Twitter if I could email her for advice and she quickly obliged. She didn’t know me and I’m sure she didn’t remember me from the conference (there were a million people trying to talk to her). Yet, she was still happy to take a moment help me–a complete stranger.

General Motors Surprises Monkey Do Project with Suburban Loan

During our email exchange, I mentioned our upcoming missions trip to Ohio Appalachia and how I was afraid my used car with over 150,000 miles wouldn’t make it.

And then something amazing happened.

Connie emailed me back saying that General Motors would be happy to loan us a Suburban for our trip to Appalachia–filled up and delivered to my house–so that we didn’t need to worry about transportation during our missions trip.

Your email struck a chord with me…I’m always willing to listen to a great idea, and am truly honored to partner with people such as yourself who are putting themselves OUT there, and making a remarkable difference in the world.   —Connie Burke, GM

I wept … in the middle of a cafe where I was working remotely.

You see, when you have a small non-profit, you just forge ahead every day trying to do the best you can to help others, mostly out of your own personal funds (and the personal funds of our board members, in this case). You never expect others to help you.

As a society, we complain about how big business never supports the little guy. We slam U.S. corporations and how they doing nothing for us.

Yet, they do.

Here’s a leader in the car industry helping out a very (very) small non-profit organization … without wanting anything in return. In fact, I had to ask Connie for the logos and information to use for this post.

GM’s ‘Our Town, Our Heroes’ Program

GMC Our Town, Our Heroes Program Spotlights Locals Doing GoodThe story doesn’t end there. It’s not just one random act of kindness from GM. No, they actually have an amazing program called “Our Town, Our Heroes” where they celebrate and spotlight people making differences in Illinois communities.

How amazing is that?

They are then going to reward three people, voted on by followers like you, with “finalist” prizes like car loans and gift cards.

Will You Support GM and Driving the Midwest ‘Our Town, Our Heroes’?

This is a company who believes in helping others and investing in their communities. It’s time that we start supporting companies like this. Won’t you take a moment to follow the awesome Driving the Midwest “Our Town, Our Heroes” on Facebook and Twitter? It doesn’t cost you anything and helps show appreciation for what they are doing for The Monkey Do Project and others. Please share it with your friends and family, too, so that companies like GM will continue to support the little guys.

Awesomeness is happening right before our eyes. You can be a part of it.


  • Margaret
    Posted at 10:04h, 29 August Reply

    That is excellent! So glad to see the “big” guys helping out the “little” guys…that’s the way it should be 🙂

  • Ann-Marie
    Posted at 01:55h, 30 August Reply

    This is just amazing, so glad to hear you have safe transportation and it’s one less thing you need to worry about!

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