The Power of a Share

The Power of a Share

If you’ve been following the Monkey Do Project for any length of time, you’ve probably seen us asking for donations, both financial and tangible. The need in the Appalachian region is great, and it takes money and items to help meet those needs. It may seem like we do a lot of asking, but the reason we do all that asking is because we believe in this cause. For me, a close personal connection to the Appalachian region fuels my desire to help.

I know that many people reading this wish they could help with every project, but their current situation just doesn’t make that possible. I completely understand that feeling. There are so many worthy causes out there, but it’s impossible to support all of them. It can be overwhelming, and at times even depressing. There are so many in the world that need help, but at times it seems there is so little we can do.

What can you do for the Monkey Do Project if you can’t afford to contribute? SHARE. Share us with your friends. Share us on your social networks. Share us with your co-workers. Ask your Facebook friends to follow our page. Ask your Twitter followers to follow our tweets. Email information about our current campaigns to your friends and family. Help us grow our network so we can let even more people know about the work we are doing.

You may not be able to help, but you might know someone who can help. Or someone you know might know someone who can help…and on down the line. The internet and social media have made it so easy to quickly share information with others. Let’s use that power for good! One of my dreams is to see one of our projects go viral. I would love to see the internet buzzing over what the Monkey Do Project is doing to help others in Appalachia. Can you help us make that happen? You can start by using the buttons at the bottom of this post to share with your social networks.

Never underestimate the power of a share!

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  • Jacqueline
    Posted at 00:51h, 07 September Reply

    Great input and reminders, Crystal. Sometimes what is most helpful becomes people’s time/networks.

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