Ella’s Night Night Project | 4-Year-Old Wants to Help Appalachian Children

Ellas Project provides blankies to kids in Appalachia

Ella’s Night Night Project | 4-Year-Old Wants to Help Appalachian Children

Ella is now age 6 and still collecting!

It’s not easy to shock or surprise me (perhaps I’m too calloused?). However, sometimes something happens that completely blows me away.

A few days ago my four year old daughter and I were driving to the store when out of the blue she asked me what happens when little kids who don’t have a lot of things don’t have a “night-night.”

You see, she’s has always had a night-night, a little blanket that she’s carried around and slept with. Night-night comforts her with nothing else can.

As she held her night-night in the car that day, she wondered what other little kids snuggled with if their parents didn’t have the money to buy one. That alone is a lot for a little brain, but then she did something that blew me away. She said:

Maybe I can only keep one and then I can give away all those other ones I have to a little kid who needs it.

As I teared up, I told her I thought that was a fantastic idea, but that I could do one better. How about if we save money to buy some for kids and we asked other’s to do the same. Then we will make sure that they get to little kids in Appalachia so they have some comfort.

Ella’s Project

So, we created Ella’s Project and we are collecting money to donate new “night-nights”–those little blankies that kids carry around (you may know them as snuggies, binkies, lovey or another name). We will then get them to preschool age kids and below so that they have something comforting when they need it.

Do help with Ella’s Night Night Do Project, simply go to her donation page.

Ella’s Message To You About Her Night Night Project

Ella wanted to record a special message for you about the project, so here it is.


  • AlannaB
    Posted at 19:49h, 07 September Reply

    God Bless Ella’s sweet little heart! Will be sharing this on my blog 🙂

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  • Greg Devlin
    Posted at 01:27h, 02 November Reply

    What beautiful little girl with such a big heart! Ella’s Awesome!

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