Monkey Do Project Touching Others: A Letter From a Supporter

Monkey Do Project Touching Others: A Letter From a Supporter


We recently announced how the founder’s four-year-old daughter came up with her own idea for a project. We called it Ella’s Project, where she wants to give blankets to Appalachian kids for comfort.

The project has touched many people and we have some received some great feedback on it. Here’s an awesome letter, to Ella, from one of our supporters. (Reprinted here with permission.)

Dear Ella –

I am sending this to your Mommy’s FB since you don’t have one yet . I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your new project and that I just made a donation. I also wanted to share my story about my night-night.

Before I was born, my Grandmother made me an afghan night-night. I have slept with that night-night almost every night of my life and, Ella, I am almost 43 years old. My night night has been to over 14 countries. When I gave birth to my son, it was wrapped around my head and shoulders. So, when I heard your idea about sending night-night’s to children that don’t have them, well, I had to make a donation.

Thanks for making that great video and thanks for being such a special girl – you really are awesome! (And so is your Mommy!).

Night-Night Power and I will share this all over my twitter and facebook so we can get MORE night-night donations.

Thank you, Ella!

ps – night-night is always what I called my blanket and you are the first person that I have met that calls it the same thing. *HUG*

We love to hear from our supporters! Have a great story or comment? Contact us!

You can donate to Ella’s Project, or any of our other projects. Just make sure you put “Ella’s Project” (or “general” or the name of another project we’re doing) in the comments section when you “check out” on the donation page. We will then allocate it to the correct project.

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  • Honey
    Posted at 16:14h, 24 September Reply

    Night nights are what we called our’s too! 🙂 By the way…as some one of Appalachian descent and who went to college deep in the hills….this really is a great need. There are still MANY homes w/o running water (we’re talking outhouses here.). Warm clothes, shoes, blankets and healthy food is a big need.(Mt. Dew is often put in baby bottles.)

    I never put all those things together until after reading Ella’s idea. It really takes a child to lead…I’d love to find out how I could help more with your project.

    ~Honey (born @ Cabel County Hospital, WV)

    • Jacqueline
      Posted at 16:23h, 24 September Reply

      Hi Honey,
      We are ALWAYS in need of people to help us! Email us and we’ll chat about it! (or use the contact form on this site). THANK YOU!


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