Mission Trip Jitters

Me, freaking out.

Mission Trip Jitters

Next week I leave to go to a conference. While I’m in the Ohio area, I’m meeting up with fellow board member Tawni Reller and we are staying over from the conference and having an Ohio Appalachia missions trip.

If you’ve ever coordinated a trip–any trip–with multiple stops and different hotels and meetings, then you know what goes into it. Couple all of that with a need to ensure that you are helping others and the pressure is … a lot.

You see, I’m nervous about this trip. Ok, really? I’m freaking out. I don’t want to let anyone down–all of you who support us, GM for donating a car so we can make the trip, the other board and committee members who serve here–but, most importantly, I don’t want to let down the people of Appalachia who need help. And, well, God.

But really, I haven’t put any pressure on myself…

I’ve said it before: You think it’s easy to help people in need, but it’s not. There are many hoops to jump through and people to talk to and connections to make. And that’s just to get people to trust you.

And then the real work begins–the reason why we do this–to help others and touch lives.

I’ve prayed for this trip and for God to open doors and make connections with people who can not only help us complete our mission, but also point us in the direction of those who need help. If you have a moment or two over the next week, will you please take a moment and send your thoughts and prayers with us on this journey? We could really use it while we’re gone.

We’ll keep you posted (I mean, if I don’t give myself a heart attack first).

  • Liz
    Posted at 21:54h, 24 September Reply

    I’ll be attending #BloggyCon as a blogger AND I am an “urban Appalachian”. I live in Cincinnati now but I grew up in Ohio’s Appalachian region! I’ve spent more years of my life living in Rural Ohio than living in Urban Ohio. Us Appalachians are a stubborn group of people so most of us don’t think we need your help anyway. 😉 Keep that in mind and you’ll be fine! 😛

    • Jacqueline
      Posted at 22:04h, 24 September Reply

      Er, this didn’t help, Liz. LOL. (Was it supposed to help?!?) Maybe you can meet up with me at BloggyCon and give me some tips/pointers?!? /

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