Can you help a Monkey Member?

Can you help a Monkey Member?


Occasionally, you will see information here on how you can help one of our Monkey Do Project Board or Committee members attend a conference or missions trip.

Currently, all of these trips are being funded out of our personal pockets … unless people specifically donate to this area.

Won’t you consider donating so that Monkey Do Project members can attend important educational/networking conferences and mission trips?


HURRY! ENDS 10/10/12!

Monkey Do Project Board Member Jackie Wilson will be attending the Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards and Wise Energy for Virginia Coalition’s “Weekend in Wise County” Conference to learn more about coal-top removal, understand the needs of Virginia Appalachia and also to volunteer in the community.

When Monkey Do Project board members attend these important functions, it comes out of their own pockets unless people help with donations to cover conference fees, hotel, and other expenses. Many of our board members are struggling with their own issues, but remain committed to helping the people of Appalachia.

Can you help us on important mission and educational trips such as this?

Do it for the monkeys, man.

Donate $50 and up and get one of those lil monkeys you see above as a gift (just because you’re nice)! 


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