Helping Others This Season | We’re Taking Your Reservations for the Holiday

Who will you help during the holidays this year?

Helping Others This Season | We’re Taking Your Reservations for the Holiday


I hate to tell you, but the holidays are just around the corner–that means Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hanukkah and, and, and … well, you get the point. From now until after the New Year, our schedules will be chocked full of parties and gatherings. For many of us, this means tons of food and fellowship with friends and family, topped off by gifts upon gifts–both giving and receiving.

But think about how stressful this time of year is for people who struggle just to feed their families one meal each day. It really happens. Did you know that currently one in five American families have to choose which family member gets to eat that day because there’s not enough food to go around?

This is all hard to understand on a daily basis, but imagine compounding that with the expectations of the holidays–of Thanksgiving tables of food that you can’t provide for your kid, or gifts that won’t be under the tree because, well, you can’t even afford the tree, let alone the toys to go under it.

 Imagine your little one getting up on Christmas morning and wondering what he or she has done so bad that made Santa pass them by … again.

It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Appalachia Needs Your Help This Holiday Season

We are partnering up with Adams County in Ohio Appalachia to provide families a Christmas this year. These are people in need. People who have fallen on hard times and deserve a nice meal (or a few meals) and some warm gloves to wear while they walk their kids to school. These are innocent little children who love books, but can’t afford them. These are people who deserve hope this year for the holidays. However, we can’t give it to them without your help.

As the holidays approach, we will be getting random calls from organizations all across Appalachia for families needing food (first and foremost). We want to help as many of these families as we possibly can. However, we can’t do it if our basket is empty, too. And, currently it’s running pretty dry.

Won’t you consider helping Appalachian families by donating something today so that we can start building our reserve when they need us? Any amount helps–ANY AMOUNT, from $1 and up. We will put it to good use to help others.

This is a great “adopt a family” type project for an office, school, church or social group to take on!

Let’s give hope this holiday season. Sometimes it just takes one person willing to help you to make you realize that you do have something to live for.

Be sure to put “holidays” in the comments once you get to the donation form so that we know where to allocate your funds.



Image: Stuart Miles

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