Transportation Huge Issue in Rural Poverty, Here’s How to Help

Good Works, Inc., vehicle award celebration!

Transportation Huge Issue in Rural Poverty, Here’s How to Help

Did you know that in rural communities transportation is the #1 issue that separates rural poverty from urban poverty.

Just let that sit for a moment.

In urban poverty, people still have the ability to take subways or buses (or even walk) to jobs or counseling or school. Unfortunately, those often aren’t options in rural areas.

It was one of the things we learned on our Ohio missions trip in October where we met an amazing organization called Good Works, Inc. There were so many things that I loved about this organization and what they are doing, but one thing really stood out to me: they don’t just give people things, the empower them with jobs and responsibilities while receiving help and support through the organization.


For example, they have an area where people donate cars that are actually turned around and given to people in need to use as transportation! (I don’t know if you’re aware, by many cars donated to non-profits are sold and the money put toward the non-profit efforts. With Good Works, Inc., they actually restore and use the cars donated.)

I just received an email from Keith at Good Works, Inc., letting me know that they just provided the 101st car to a family in need. This means that they have helped 101 families get transportation for work and school and doctor’s appointments. What a blessing.

However, Good Works, Inc., is in great need: they have one car  left and 160 people on a waiting list. They are in desperate need of vehicle donations and “each donor receives the full IRS fair-market value as a tax deduction because we do not resell the vehicles.”

Here’s more from Keith on how their “Transportation Station” works:

The Transformation Station (TS) provides people struggling with poverty an opportunity to serve others by volunteering their time and skills to help people struggling with poverty here in Athens County. Volunteers join other volunteers who come to serve with Good Works (short-term mission teams) as they provide assistance at the homes of widows and our friends struggling with disabilities at the homes.  TS volunteers also assist with projects on the Good Works properties such as grounds keeping and mailings. One morning equals 1 point. As volunteers accumulate points, they can obtain a car. It usually take several weeks of consistent volunteering to obtain enough points to get a car. But participants can also volunteer for appliances (especially washers/dryers),  furniture and food!

If you know of someone, or you’re willing to donate, please contact Richard by e-mail, or by telephone at 740.594.3336.

And, if you can’t donate, will you at least help us spread the word?

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