Small Acts, Big Impact

Small acts make a big impact on others.

Small Acts, Big Impact

This morning, I went through the coffee shop drive-thru to get a coffee on the way to my daughter’s gymnastic class. When I arrived at the window, I handed the money to the women in the window and she pushed my hand back. “The woman in line before you paid for your coffee.” And then? I started crying.

You see, small acts can touch people in ways you would never consider. This woman just thought she was doing a kind act by paying for another person’s coffee (she was). However, what this woman couldn’t know is just that morning I had  counted out the money in my wallet–$9. I was going to use it to pay for lunch for my daughter and myself after her class. However, in the rush to get out the door, I had forgotten my drink (something I usually take with me to save money). So, I had decided to forgo lunch for myself and use that portion of the money on my coffee (which I rarely treat myself to) and then the rest would go to my daughter for lunch.  Now? I was able to treat myself and have lunch with my daughter. Something I never considered when I made the either/or decision.

Why Little Acts of Kindness Are Big

What many of you who follow Monkey Do Project don’t know — couldn’t know — is that our operating costs and things that are outside of directly helping others (website/Internet fees, business expenses, mission trip costs, etc.) are almost 100% funded by our board members so that almost every single cent of donations we receive go to directly helping those in need.

Some of the board members can afford the extra expenses, some struggle with it. However, we have made a commitment to helping others–really helping others--sometimes at our own expense. Sometimes some of our personal funds run lean–some of us deciding to use any “extra” money that we have to help others today instead of saving it for tomorrow. Sure, it puts stress on our families sometimes, but we have faith that this is what we’re supposed to be doing. We make small sacrifices that will hopefully make a big impact.

So, when we hear people say things like, “I’m sorry I could only give $10!” our answer is always, “Every single bit helps. EVERY BIT.” And, it does. Never be embarrassed about the amount you donate to a cause like Monkey Do Project because your act of kindness means more than you will ever know. In fact, it probably made more than one of us cry.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” Mother Teresa


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