How Your #26Acts Can Help Appalachia

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How Your #26Acts Can Help Appalachia

Yesterday I was on Twitter chatting with fellow board member Carol and she told me about something that I had not heard of yet.

Ann Curry, amazing NBC newswoman, came up with this idea about doing 26 acts of kindness (hashtagged on Twitter as #26acts) to celebrate the lives of the 26 people killed at the school in the Newton, Connecticut, shootings.

What a great idea!

#26Acts Helping Monkey Do Project

So, Carol and I were discussing how it would be helpful to get 26 people to donate to the Monkey Do Project, or some people to donate $26 (as their act of kindess). And then? A surprise donation came across that Carol herself had donated $26.26 as her act of kindness. (And believe me when I say, Carol gives SO MUCH as a board member already!) I was touched to tears! (Sorry, Carol. I know she’ll be embarrassed that I told you all of that because she gives so selflessly and expects nothing in return!)

I decided today to tell you how your $26 could help the people of Appalachia, who are so much in need. So, be sure to check out the infographic above!

26 Acts for Appalachia

Isn’t it hard to believe that $26 can provide SO MUCH? Would you consider Monkey Do Project as part of your #26Acts giving?



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