We Need Your Help to Keep Appalachia Kids Healthy

We Need Your Help to Keep Appalachia Kids Healthy


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You wake up in the middle of the night and your child has a fever of 103. He’s coughing and becoming unresponsive. For most of us, we have the ability to scoop our child up and rush him to the emergency room. Unfortunately, many rural Appalachian parents don’t have that option.

If you are a parent who can’t even feed your child every day, the last thing that you think about is even the most basic health care. Without a job or food or transportation, unfortunately taking the kid to the doctor falls low on the priority list for many Appalachian parents.

We Need You to Help Keep Appalachian Children Healthy

We are blessed that we have been asked to be part of the Adams County, Ohio, Children’s Health Fair in August 2013. Adams County Children Services, Adams County Health Department, Adams County Job and Family Services, Adams County Medical Foundation, Inc., Adams County Regional Medical Center, Manchester Local Schools and Adams County Ohio Valley Schools join together each year to offer four Kid’s Health Fairs (KHF), one at each county high school.

The health fairs are for Adams County, Ohio, kids in the school age range of 3-18.

Since many Appalachian parents don’t have the resources for healthcare, the health fair provides check up points for kids where they measure and record milestones, do actual checkups and also provide results so that kids can have a healthy start to the school year.

What Monkey Do Project Needs from You

Most of these organizations have had their funding cut, which means they will not be able to serve as many kids this year unless they have help from organizations like ours.

We have pledged 2,000 books bags, with a book in each bag, for the kids, but we currently can’t meet this needs without your help.

We Need:

  • Corporate sponsors to partner with us for the book bags and books (pictures books and chapter books). Corporate sponsors will be listed on our website as well as on any marketing materials we do for the event. Also, our blogger ambassadors will do posts on the sponsors and link to their sites.
  • Corporate sponsors to partner with us to provide healthy snacks and small bottled waters to include in the bags. Unfortunately, many of these kids have little to nothing to eat when they are out of school.
  • Personal donations in any amount for this project. (Please put “Adams Co Health Fair” in the notes when donating.)
  • $20 gift cards (Visa or Mastercard) to use as giveaways to the kids for school supplies.

If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor, please contact us.

Photo/name changed to preserve privacy of the children and families.

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  • Jen @ BigBinder
    Posted at 03:44h, 07 March Reply

    Thank you for letting everyone know of this need – prayers sent up that folks respond and make it happen!!

    • Jacqueline
      Posted at 23:42h, 20 March Reply

      Thank you! Please continue to pray for this project and spread the word so we can meet the needs!

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  • Clare@ healthy snacks for kids
    Posted at 00:12h, 12 December Reply

    Thanks to the admin for providing your above article. It’s truly an informative article for me.Your above article helps me to keep healthy my kids. I am always try to provide him healthy and energetic snacks .Because as a mother I always want to be a healthy life of my kids.So I just want to follow all of your above suggestions.

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