Fill the Food Banks

Help us fill the food banks!

Fill the Food Banks

Last week while most of you were planning and attending those great end-of-the summer parties full of food, fun and family, my family and I were getting an eye-opening experience in Clay, West Virginia.

In this extremely remote rural area, there is no industry or place to get a job. The unemployment rate is 10%. Many programs to help people have been cut or have run out of funds, and the food bank is empty.

That’s right, the place that is supposed to be able to help hungry people is empty.

Empty Food Banks in Clay, West Virginia

Before we visited,  Lisa at the food bank told me that they were empty. I’m not sure what happened in my mind, but I translated that to “Oh, we’re getting low.”

But, that wasn’t the case.

As Lisa took us into their food storage area, my husband and I exchanged looks of disbelief. There were two refrigerators, both empty, and a deep freezer had three packages of meat to hand out.

The shelves were empty, save for two cans of tomatoes.

In a community of great need, there was nothing to give the hungry families. NOTHING.

Help Us Fill the Food Banks!

We’ve pledged to take the Clay, West Virginia, food bank on as our first FILL THE FOOD BANKS project, but we can’t do it without your help!

We need your help in giving to regularly provide food to this food bank!

Let’s do it! Let’s get food on the shelves for these Appalachia people!


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