#Monkeytober13 | Why We’re Showing a Five (And How You Can Win a Prize)

#Monkeytober13 | Why We’re Showing a Five (And How You Can Win a Prize)

You may have noticed something on social media: people are “Fiving Out” their photos on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness for #Monkeytober13. So, what’s it all about anyway?

$5 Fills a Food Bank for an Entire Year

While working late one night on my personal blog, I had a sobering realization: If everyone who followed me on Twitter gave just $5, we could fill the empty Clay, West Virginia food bank for an entire year.

And then I had to stop what I was doing because … WHOA. Now that’s powerful.

Think about it: almost everyone has five dollars! It’s what you spend on a cup of gourmet coffee every day or what you spend on a fast food in one lunch outing. It’s five bucks — five one dollar bills. A one time donation of five dollars from my followers on Twitter.

It was then that I realized that people needed to know just how little of their own money could help an entire community when the word is spread!

#Monkeytober13: Change to Five, Enter for a Prize

To help us spread awareness, we’re asking you to change your Twitter or Facebook (or both) avatar (bio) photo to our #Monkeytober13 “5” for the month of October. And, to give you a little incentive , we’ve put together some prizes to give away randomly to people at the end of October.

How do You Get Involved?

1. Change your Twitter and/or Facebook photo to the #Monkeytober13 “5”


2. Tweet (or share on Facebook) the following:

I’m FIVING OUT my photo for #Monkeytober13, where $5 can help fill a food bank for 1 year! JOIN ME?

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 3. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE PRIZES: Put your name and a link to your Facebook or Twitter profile showing the 5 IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW THIS POST. (If you do both your Twitter and Facebook account, please leave two entries.) *Prizes shipped only to the U.S.

4. Leave your photo up until midnight on October 31, when we will randomly draw from the list below and check to see if your photo is still up. (It may be Nov 1 before we can check for your photo, so you may want to leave it up until then just in case.)

To Donate to #Monkeytober13

If you would like to donate $5 (not required for the giveaway), or direct your followers to donate, please have them select #Monkeytober13 when donating to be included in our October efforts.


Leave your “5” Link to Be Entered for the Prize Drawing in the Comments Section Below


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