Fill the Food Banks | Results of Your Giving

Fill the Food Banks | Results of Your Giving

In September, we told you about how we visited Clay, West Virginia. The needs were so great there and the food bank was empty. This meant an already bad situation of people not being able to afford food was even worse because they had nowhere to turn to get food. When the food banks are empty, where do you go? The answer is sadly, nowhere.

The Monkey Do Project left that trip with a pledge to help fill that food bank each and every month for as long as they needed.


It was a scary pledge and it was a huge leap of faith, but we believe in people like you who have supported us since the very beginning. Because of you, in October we were able to make our first shipment to help fill this food bank. Then, in November, your giving helped us feed 100 hungry families for Thanksgiving through that food bank! Also, they now have food to meet the daily needs of the community.

Lisa, who manages the bank, told us:

“Because of the Monkey Do Project food we can now help with families daily that have no food at all.”

But that’s not all! Your regular and devoted giving has helped the Clay food bank implement a backpack program to feed kids who have no food on the weekends–21 kids who had no food to eat on the weekends now have some thanks to your help!

Right now, they are helping one elementary school but want to expand to more schools in the area to help even more hungry kids. They are also looking to meet some hygiene supply needs for teens in the area.

All of this is possible because of your kind hearts and devotion to The Monkey Do Project to help Appalachia. Please don’t give up on these families now!

Thank you for ongoing support so that we can continue to help this community in need!


  • Marie
    Posted at 07:57h, 19 December Reply

    i love you and your heart!

    Merry Christmas!


    • Jacqueline
      Posted at 00:10h, 20 December Reply

      Our supporters are SO AMAZING, Marie. We’re so blessed!

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