An Ohio Thank You

Little Monkey hands out backpacks in Ohio

An Ohio Thank You

As many of you know, we recently participated in our second health fair in Adams County, Ohio. Today, we received this update from one of women in family services who helps organize the health fair.


I just wanted to thank you for participating in our efforts to provide a healthy life for our most precious commodity in Adams County, our youth.  It’s not about school supplies or trinkets we use for parents to bring the children in for health screening. It really is all about educating parents & children on living healthier lifestyles and identifying early health issues.

As you can see below 1452 children were screened and each received $20 for school supplies, regardless of income or need.  It was priceless to see children with bright green Monkey Do Project backpacks hanging on their backs as they walked out.  Some of the backpacks were bigger than the children wearing them and they looked so proud.

Adams County is so grateful for support of the Monkey Do Project!  Please relay this to all in your organization!!!

May God bless everyone of you.
With respect,

Rita H Purcell


Ohio kids get backpacks from Monkey Do Project

Thank you so much to all of you who continue to support us and allow us to touch the lives of families throughout Appalachia. Because of you, almost 1,500 children were reached through this one event!

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