Feeding the Hungry | Expanding ‘Fill the Food Bank’ Efforts and Need Your Help

Feed the hungry Dunbar West VA

Feeding the Hungry | Expanding ‘Fill the Food Bank’ Efforts and Need Your Help

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the food bank we support in West Virginia. If you ever want to meet some of the nicest and most accepting people in your entire life, then visit West Virginia. Whenever I go there now, I feel like it’s a second home for me. Visiting Lisa and the gang at the food bank there is always a highlight for me.

This time, I got to meet the Brent, the executive director of the food banks. Brent talked to me about a great need in Dunbar, West Virginia, which is a city just outside of Charleston along the Kanawha River. Unfortunately, Dunbar is in an area that has no food banks large enough to support the great needs in that area. Our friends at EnAct, Inc.–the food bank we already support–are partnering with another group in the area to open a food bank that will  provide food and baby supplies to the families in the area.

However, they need our help. You see, they can’t open without a fully stocked food bank to provide to the community. Can you imagine–as a hungry family–how excited you would be to finally be able to get regular meals, only to have the new food bank not have enough supplies to give to your family? Can you imagine how disappointing that would be?

Because of that, we are working to help fill this food bank before they open so that they can feed this community.

We are looking to raise $2,500 by Friday, September 5th, for hungry families.

We know it’s a tight turn around, but we believe in you and your ability to support these hungry families in Appalachia.

Help Fill the Dunbar Food bank

Will you please consider giving today and also sharing on your social networks?

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