Donations in Action

Donations in Action


Because of the faithful and giving hearts of our supporters, we are able to help the people of Appalachia. One of our largest goals is to help feed the many hungry families in Appalachia. So far, we’ve been able to give over 4,857 pounds of food to hungry Appalachian families!

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Fighting Hunger in Appalachia


Other Ways Monkey Do Project Has Helped Appalachia

Because of your donations, we have also been able to:

  • Fill a West Virginia food bank every single month since October 2013 who couldn’t meet the vast needs of their community.
  • Provide moms in need toiletries.
  • Give 61 kids in need baby blankies.
  • Start a weekend backpack project to provide meals for West Virginia school children who have no food when they are out of school on the weekends.
  • Give 3,5000 Ohio Appalachian children filled backpacks for school for two years in a row.
  • Provide 100 hungry Appalachian West Virginia families all of the food and “fixins” for their entire Thanksgiving meal.
  • Give 33 new pairs of tennis shoes and socks so that Appalachian children in need could attend camp, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go.
  • Provide 56 filled backpacks to WV school children whose parents couldn’t afford school supplies.
  • Get 30 emergency blessing bags to a group home in rural West Virginia when they were without power for over 20 days.
  • Donate over $1,500 worth of new clothes to an emergency family shelter in Ohio Appalachia.
  • Give supplies to an emergency home in Ohio Appalachia.
  • Provide ongoing baby blankets to moms in need in West Virginia Appalachia.
  • Donate blankets for families with no heat in Appalachia.


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