6 Year Old Delivers Baby Blankets to Appalachia Children

Ellas Night Night Projects-Packed For Delivery

6 Year Old Delivers Baby Blankets to Appalachia Children

6 Year Old Delivers Baby Blankets to Appalachia Kids In NeedElla started “Ella’s Night-Night Project” when she was four. You see, Ella always had a baby blankie that she carried around for comfort. (As a matter of fact, she still carries it around.) She calls her little comfort blankie a “night night.”

One day, as we were driving, my little four year old asked me what the kids in Appalachia did when their parents couldn’t afford to buy them night-nights. She was mortified that these kids in need wouldn’t have blankies to comfort them when they were upset. Right there in the car, Ella created her very own non-profit. At the age of four.

Think about that: what were you doing when you were four? I know I wasn’t thinking about others, for sure.

Since then, Ella has been saving the coins she finds around the house, and getting donations from other kids and adults, and using that money to buy night-nights for Appalachian kids in need. So far, she has been able to proudly deliver 61 night-nights to kids.

In early August, Ella was excited that she got to deliver more night-nights to West Virginia. She handed the night-nights over to Judy, our contact in Clay, who distributes the little blankies to area children.

If you want to support Ella in her night-night (she calls it “Night-Night Do” after Monkey Do) project, just select Ella’s Project on the DONATE PAGE.



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