#BW10K Can Help Us Win Branded Products for Appalachia

Mini Monkeys in Action for #BW10K

#BW10K Can Help Us Win Branded Products for Appalachia

Get this: 4imprint is giving away $10,000 in promotional products! While this may seem like a weird thing for a nonprofit to get excited about, it isn’t for us!

4imprint has amazing products like blankets and tshirts and backpacks and coolers and, and, and…well, the list of things from 4imprint that we can use to help the families of Appalachia are endless! With this amount of products, we can deliver Monkey Do Logo tshirts to homeless shelters in Appalachia! We can provide Monkey Do Project lunch boxes and backpacks to Appalachian school kids. The winter is coming up and we can give blankets to people with no heat. We can provide coolers to families who have no electricity and no means of refrigeration. (Yes, there are families living like this in the United States.)

Get where we’re going with this? There are SO MANY WAYS we could help with this win!

4imprint’s Brand With TEN Grand! #BW10K

To enter the contest, we had to create a video that described our business and what we would do with the prize. So, we went to the best people on our “staff”–our mini monkeys. Check it out:

Be sure to FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK to see if we get chosen as one of the finalists. If we become a finalist, we’ll need your help with votes!



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