Help Just One | Dunbar, WV Food Bank Update

If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one.

Help Just One | Dunbar, WV Food Bank Update

If you’re a person that helps others regularly, you probably feel like you never do enough. I’ve talked to many giving hearts and volunteers about this. There’s just something that happens that feels like we’re never, ever doing enough, no matter how much we do.

That’s kind of how I felt last week when our drive to help fill the new food bank in Dunbar, West Virginia, ended and we didn’t meet our financial goal.

You see, when Monkey Do Project doesn’t meet a goal to help Appalachia people where there is so much need, I take it personally. I feel like a failure. I feel like I’ve failed the families who are waiting for our help. I feel like I’ve failed all of you who support non-stop, and share about our needs and follow our works closely. It feels like a disappointing hunger game.

It’s not just work for me. It’s personal. And it has all of the personal emotions that go along with it.

After a few days of feeling down and licking my wounds, a friend reminded me of something. She said, “You always tell me no amount is too little. If we help just one person, that’s one person who we helped!” And? It snapped me out it.

It’s hard to remember when you’re in the trenches everyday, seeing all the need and talking to people about even more needs. It’s hard to remember that helping even one person is one more person we’ve helped. One more person that has food for a month. One more child who has school supplies and didn’t have to be embarrassed that their parents couldn’t afford it. One more family that can rely on a local Appalachian food bank when they need it. One more kid who has meals on the weekend because of Monkey Do Project and all of the help you all give.

Just One.

Fill the Food Bank in Dunbar, WV

Filling the Food Bank in Dunbar, WV

Of course, for every single fundraiser we do we want to meet the goal. Heck, we even want to exceed the goal and rock it out! For our Fill the Food Bank give in Dunbar, West Virginia, we fell $343 short.

However, that means that you gave $2,157 to feed hungry families! That’s about 2,000 pounds of food to the families in Dunbar, WV!

So, THANK YOU.  Thank you for believing. Thank you for giving when it stretched your funds. Thank you for your continuous support. But, most of all, thank you for remembering JUST ONE and reminding me of it, even when I forget. Sometimes your support is not the kind that is reflected in a monetary total on a screen.


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