The One About the Turkey King

The One About the Turkey King

I know that we haven’t even had Halloween yet, but when the leaves turn I start thinking about Thanksgiving because it’s such a great time each year for us. We have what we call “Friendgiving”–anyone (family and friends) who doesn’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving is invited to our house. Some of the people have been coming for years (no matter where we lived), and there are usually some new faces.

A few years ago, my husband told me that he wanted to start frying the turkey. Now, there’s no better way to tick a woman who comes from a Southern family off then tell her you want to take the star of the day away from the meal. After a few arguments discussions, we decided we would alternate years–one year with him frying the turkey and one year with me making the better version traditional turkey.

And then something happened.

He got really good at making a fried turkey. So good, in fact, that one year we decided to have a turkey cook-off where the guests would vote on the best turkey.

And my husband won the Turkey King title. (For real, I know.)

Mr. Monkey as the Turkey King

When I ran across the photo on my computer a few days ago, it made me think of our awesome Thanksgivings, but reminded me of so many of our families in Appalachia who have nothing. For some, there are no friend or family gatherings because there is no food … nothing to celebrate.

And, in Clay County, WV, one food pantry that was already stocking for Thanksgiving and Christmas had all of their food stolen and we want to help them have an awesome Turkey King Thanksgiving! In order to do that, we need $3,500 before November 3 for  the goodies to get there by Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27. We’ll need the second half of the campaign, $3,500, shortly after to meet their Christmas season needs.

Just $35 can feed an entire family a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal–an entire meal with all the yummy fixins’! And, who knows, they might even be able to crown their own Turkey King this year. (I hope they get one of those awesome Turkey hats, don’t you?)

Help feed families for Thanksgiving

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