The Real Hunger Games | Monkeytober14

Monkeytober14: Raising awareness for hunger and poverty in Appalachia.

The Real Hunger Games | Monkeytober14

It’s Monkeytober!

Every October we “5 Out” our photos on our social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness for poverty and hunger in Appalachia.

Why a ‘5’ for Monkeytober?


Last year, our founder realized that if every follower on her Twitter account gave just $5 she could fill an empty food book for an entire year!


Almost everyone can spare $5, but the power of putting all those fives together can be life-changing. Check this out:

Monkeytober14: The Power of 5 Dollars

Tweet to raise awareness:


How to ‘5 Out’ My Photo

Simply save any of the images below to your computer and then replace your current Facebook header, Facebook profile picture and Twitter header and Twitter profile pictures with the corresponding image. Leave them up until October 31st in order to raise awareness about hunger and poverty in Appalachia and how something as small as $5 can make a big impact!

(Just right click–or control click for Mac–to save on the images.)

Don’t forget to tag us with #Monkeytober14 so we can share your support!

Facebook Header Image


Facebook Profile Picture


Twitter Header


Twitter Profile Picture



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