#HungerPerspective | NYC Restaurant Sells $35,000 Thanksgiving Meal Packages

Old Homestead 35000 Thanksgiving Meal

#HungerPerspective | NYC Restaurant Sells $35,000 Thanksgiving Meal Packages

Do you ever play the “What If” game when you see people spending ridiculous amounts of money on something? This is something that I do regularly–would I really spend the money on that even if I could? (Most of the time the answer is NO.)

I recently played this game when I read an article about the Old Homestead restaurant in New York City providing $35,000 Thanksgiving dinners.

You read that right — 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Old Homestead and a $35,000 Thanksgiving Meal

The Old Homestead restaurant in New York City’s Meatpacking District is providing a nine course meal for $35,000. The meal includes:

  • Farm raised, organic turkey stuffed with Japanese Wagyu filet mignon–that checks in at $200 per pound
  • Edible 24-carat gold flakes
  • Sweet potatoes topped with $16,000 Royal Osetra Caviar
  • Foie gras stuffed in squab

The meal also comes with a package of other goodies (shopping, limo service, Macy’s parade, etc.).

#HungerPerspective : Shall We Play a Game?

Look, this post isn’t about The Homestead and the meal–I say good for them for going for it. For me, it’s about perspective and hunger. Whenever I see something like this I automatically start to calculate the greater good. And, for this, it’s the huge impact that $35,000 could make on hunger.

Old Homesteads 35000 Meal Could Buy...


Join the #HungerPerspective

So, what can you do for the holiday season?

1. Tweet to The Old Homestead and let them know about the #HungerPerspective.

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2. Spread the word about the #HungerPerspective.

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and any other social network you’re on. And, don’t just share it once. Come back daily. Come back several times a day. Do whatever you can to help let people know about hunger for the holidays.

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3. Give to fight hunger with #Hunger4Holidays!

This year, forget the ties and the fuzzy Santa socks and all those other things you spend money on that sit in people’s drawers or get donated in a couple of months. You might as well put your money in a little pile and set it on fire! (Ouch, I know.)

Instead give a gift that means something this year–the gift of food for hungry families! (And, we’ll even send you a printable certificate to wrap and give as your gift!)



So, what would you do if you could?

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