Presents That Give Back

Presents That Give Back

Do you have anyone on your Christmas list that is hard to shop for? For me, it’s always my mom. She’s always one of those people who insists she doesn’t need anything, and she always tells me I should just save my money and get something for the kids. She also reminds me that she has a whole house full of stuff and she doesn’t need any more. And yet, she’s important to me, and I want to honor her and how much she means to me.

Presents: Kids Helping Kids

How can you give someone a gift that comes from the heart, but doesn’t take up space in their home?

Well, I have a great idea!

My son Daniel has his own fundraising project here at Monkey Do, and it’s called Daniel’s Drawings. Daniel loves art, and he also has a passion for helping others, especially “the kids who don’t have food.” If you contribute to Daniel’s Drawings, in exchange for your donation of any amount, you’ll receive a hand-drawn picture from five-year-old Daniel. You can choose the subject matter, or let Daniel pick. I’m totally biased, but I think his art is pretty amazing, and I am even more blown away by his desire to help others.

The money you give to Daniel’s Drawings goes directly to Monkey Do Project, to help fill food banks and provided necessities to people in the poorest area of the United States. You are also encouraging a young artist who truly loves to draw, and loves to share his drawings with others. Daniel LOVES making drawings for people, and he thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world that his hobby can be used to help people. And I agree.

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Real Christmas Story | Kids Helping Kids

To receive an original “Daniel,” just select his project when you’re making a donation, and put your address and desired subject matter in the comment box. Your information will only be used to send your picture to you. We’re also happy to send a drawing directly to someone you love! Just let us know all the details when you make your donation.

When you give to Daniel’s Drawings, you feed hungry people and you encourage the heart of a young artist.  I think that embodies all that the holiday season is truly about.


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