Cyber Monday (We Mean Monkey)

Cyber Monkey Awesomeness

Cyber Monday (We Mean Monkey)

Cyber Monkey AwesomenessRemember this awesome lil guy? Well we’re opening the vault for CYBER MONDAY  MONKEY and giving away THREE of these bad boys as gifts!

These are EXCLUSIVE Monkey Do Mascots and they’re almost gone! Some day, they’ll probably be worth a lot of money* like those McDonald’s Beanie Babies you were going to retire on or those Cabbage Patch Dolls that people got injured over. (Remember?)

Cyber Monday, er, Monkey

Anyway, if you give to our #Holidays4Hunger campaign on Sunday, November 30, 2014 or CYBER MONKEY (Monday, December 1) or GIVING TUESDAY (Tuesday, December 2) you will be entered into a random drawing to win one our coveted Monkey Do Project mascot monkeys shown in the picture. (All the cool kids want one.)

PLUS, when you give to #Holidays4Hunger, we’ll send you a printable certificate in case you want to wrap the it as a gift and let someone on your holiday list know that you gave to hungry families on behalf of them! (Way cool, right?)

But that’s not all folks! Your donation is tax deductible! (For reals.)



[tweetthis]GET THIS:I gave to CYBER MONKEY and entered to win a monkey. For real! YOU CAN TOO> #cybermonday[/tweetthis]

*but probably not

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