Not Enough

Not Enough

Not Enough

Not Enough

Not Enough.

I struggle with those two words a lot. Well, with the meaning of those two words — how they actually make me feel.

You see, we’re not a large organization. We don’t make a global impact. We’re not saving hundreds of thousands of lives. We don’t have an Instagram account filled with pictures of wide-eyed kids that we’ve helped via a team flown across the ocean for Spring break. We’re not holding black tie Gala fundraisers and rubbing elbows with celebrities.

In fact, I don’t even have any celebrity connections. Not one.

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And it sounds crazy, but it makes me feel like we’re not getting it done.

We’re not enough.

In this age of instant access to every bit of information at the very moment someone is doing something, it’s difficult to watch what others are accomplishing and feel like you’re not enough.

There is always someone doing it bigger. And better.

And doing more than you had even imagined was possible.

While what you’re doing seems like it’s not enough.

Are those small rural areas that Monkey Do Project connects with really benefitting from anything we do? In the big scheme of things, are we helping the poverty crisis in Appalachia at all? And, what about hunger?

And, if I let myself, I can really go down a path of it being not enough.


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But then I think back, at a county worker who actually cried when we offered to provide shoes to the kids in need in her county so they could attend camp. And, I remember the smiling faces of those kids from camp.

Was that enough?

Or, the food bank who had empty shelves until all of our Monkey Do-ers filled them completely full of food to help feed a hungry community.

Was that enough?

Or, the thousands of kids that we’ve provided filled backpacks to so they could start the school year fresh just like all the other kids.

Was that enough?

Or, what about the hungry little Appalachian girl in the dirty white dress who ran up to our table at a health fair, ripped open the package of gummy snacks we gave her and gobbled them up in front of us?

For her, we were enough.

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Those are the times that I have to remember when I feel like we aren’t enough — like we aren’t big enough, or grand enough or global enough.

I have to remind myself that not all of us are put on the earth to make impact in grand ways. For some of us, we’re put on this earth to make impact that is just grand enough.


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