This is Why We Need to Keep Food Banks Filled

Elderly North Carolina Man Calls 911 Because He Has No Food

This is Why We Need to Keep Food Banks Filled

Elderly North Carolina Man Calls 911 Because He Has No Food

Do you ever read or see or hear a news story and it reaches right out of the television or the computer screen and punches you in the gut? You know, that sinking feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach when you hear something that makes you scream in your head, “NO! This is NOT how things should be!” Well, that’s exactly how I felt this morning when I clicked on a link with the title, “ELDERLY CANCER PATIENT CALLS 911 BECAUSE HE HAS NO FOOD.”

The man, Clarence Blackmon, is 81 and was just released from the hospital after a few months of cancer treatment. When he arrived home, he had nothing in his refrigerator. He has no family or friends in the area, so there was nothing he could do. He’s alone. He’s too old and sick to go out. And, he’s hungry.

So he called 911.

Then, an angel on earth — the 911 operator name Marilyn Hinson — brought Mr. Blackmon food.

“She made Blackmon a ham sandwich, which he called a feast. She also made him a couple more sandwiches for later on,” ABC11 in North Carolina reported.

Donating Food to the Hungry

This was a reminder to me why Monkey Do Project works so hard to keep food banks filled in the areas of Appalachia where we work. One thing that you won’t hear from the Appalachia employees who work in food banks, food pantries and shelters in these rural areas is the behind-the-scenes stories. You won’t hear about how they get to know the people who use their services. They won’t tell you that if they haven’t seen someone in a while in the food bank, they will use their own time and money to check on them and take them food to their home. They will drive through the Appalachia mountains in snow and storms to make sure these people have what they need.

There are so many stories like the one that we shared today. Stories that will rip your heart out and leave you standing there wondering what to do. This is why we work so hard to help those food banks and shelters keep stocked with the items they need. We do this so that people like Clarence Blackmon in this story won’t have to come home from cancer treatment and be hungry, with nothing in his home to eat and no one to call. No one deserves that.

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