Are You a Champion for Kids in Need?

Will you help Appalachian kids in need today?

Are You a Champion for Kids in Need?

CHAMPION: someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person, belief, cause, etc.

(Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)

Do you love kids?

Are you someone who likes to help others?

Do people describe you as the “go to” person to get things done?

Is your heart made for lending a helping hand and giving back?

Then you just may be the CHAMPION we are looking for right now!

Will you help Appalachian kids in need today?We’re looking for JUST 10 CHAMPIONS to step up and give $100 each to help get backpacks to Appalachian kids in need.

$100 gets approximately 50 kids backpacks. 

And, we are making a WALL OF CHAMPIONS on our website for everyone who gives $100 or more this week that will feature a shout out to you, your group or office (or a dedication to someone you love) to let everyone know how you stepped up to help us out in a moment of need! (And, we may have another surprise for you, too!)

If we get 10 CHAMPIONS this week, we’ll be able to meet out entire backpack need for July and give these Appalachian school kids something to be excited about for the new school year!



Will you be a CHAMPION for kids this week?

 Get involved and help Appalachia today!

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