Socks for School

Socks For School

Socks for School

We have collected $340.00 of our $750.00 target. It is 45.33% of our goal for the Socks for School campaign


Socks For School

As you probably know by now, each year we provide back-to-school backpacks filled with goodies for Ohio Appalachia kids.

This year, it’s been put on our hearts to include socks in the backpacks.

For many Appalachian kids in need, socks and shoes are a luxury. Some families have one pair of shoes and just a few pairs of socks to last a kid through the entire year.

In order to get socks into the backpacks this year, we need your help! It is going to cost us $750 just for the socks — and we have many other things we need to put into the backpacks, too (school supplies, toothbrushes, healthy snacks, etc.).

[tweetthis]I just gave kids in need socks for school. Just $20 gives 40 pairs! #monkeydo #appalachia[/tweetthis]

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**We’re hopeful that we are going to EXCEED our goal! If we exceed our socks goal, don’t worry! Your donations will still be used to help fill the school backpacks with other items (school supplies, healthy snacks, etc.).

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