What If an Entire Community Goes Hungry?

Walking To Food America Appalachia

What If an Entire Community Goes Hungry?

In May, the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Clay County, West Virginia, closed.

Walking To Food America Appalachia

If you live in an area with multiple stores and access to endless amounts of food and resources, having a grocery store close probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, if it is the only grocery store in a remote rural area where hunger is already rampant, then the effects can be devastating.

The area does have a dollar store and a gas station that carry a limited amount of food — mostly canned and prepackaged — but no fresh fruits or vegetables, and dairy products are scarce. And, they are having trouble keeping enough stock. One store reported that it had one loaf of bread left and the gas station workers reported that they couldn’t keep milk stocked for the increasing need.

Now where do hungry families go?

To get to the closest full service grocery store, the residents will need to travel around 40 miles, one way. Which, again, may not seem like a big deal to most of us, but many people in this area lack transportation and there are no buses or taxi cabs.

No, if they want food, some of these families will have to walk 40 miles just to get meat or vegetables for their family.

Think about it for a minute — walking 40 miles, one way, to get food … in America.

That’s the length of 704 football fields.

Or, as long as 145 Empire State Buildings.

If you can’t catch a ride back with someone, you’re looking at walking 80 miles roundtrip, with groceries and kids in tow — that’s 1,408 football fields or 290 Empire State Buildings.

All while you’re hungry.

And, the food bank is empty.

There is a food bank in the area, but it is close to being empty. So, the back up food system for that community can’t help either.

But we can.

While the community tries to re-open a grocery store, we can help by keeping this food bank filled and helping take the stress off of this community and these families.

But we need your help…

To keep this food bank filled each month, it will take between $600 – $1,200 each month (depending on their needs for the month.)

Will you help us by joining our FILL A FOOD BANK efforts? Fill a Food Bank is one of our regular campaigns that helps fill food banks each month. These food banks rely on us to meet the needs of their hungry community.


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