Why I’m Walking 40 Miles in July

40 Miles For Clay

Why I’m Walking 40 Miles in July

We have collected $320.00 of our $650.00 target. It is 49.23% of our goal for the 40 Miles For Clay campaign


Monkey Do Project Appalachia High School DropoutsWhen I heard that the last grocery store in Clay, West Virginia was closing and residents would have to travel upwards of 40 miles to get groceries, my heart sank.

Clay has a special place in my heart. My mom was primarily raised by her grandmother, who lived in Clay. And while she experienced the poverty that so many in this region deal with, she still has a love for where she’s from. When I told her this heartbreaking news, she closed her eyes and said, “It must really be bad there. I wish there were something I could do.”

I realized then that had to do something; for my mom and for the hundreds people who are left without food, due to lack of transportation or funds to make the journey. I want people to know that this is happening in America — the place we call the land of opportunity. And I want people to know that they can help. There is something we can do.

40 Miles For ClayOver the course of July, I will be walking 40 miles to raise awareness and support for the food bank in Clay, which remains the only option for many of its residents. The food bank has been hit hard by the need in the area, and their supply is dwindling. They need help stocking their shelves so they can keep this community from going hungry.

How can you help 40 Miles for Clay?

I am hoping to not only raise awareness, but also funds to help stock the food bank in Clay. My goal is to raise $650, which will fill the shelves for a month and guarantee the residents of Clay a place to go if they find themselves without food. You can also follow the hashtag #40MilesForClay on Instagram and Twitter to track my progress. Retweets and shares will let me know you’re cheering me on, and will help others learn more about this desperate situation.

Please consider donating, sharing, or even putting on your walking shoes to join me. Let’s let this community know that they aren’t forgotten, and help provide hope in this difficult time.

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