Meet the Intern | Hello from Haverford!

Elena, Monkey Do Project Intern

Meet the Intern | Hello from Haverford!

Elena, Monkey Do Project InternHi everyone!

I’m Elena, and I’m writing from Haverford College.  I became interested in Monkey Do Project after hearing about it and its purpose from my aunt Tawni, who serves as a board member.

Since first learning about Monkey Do Project, I have moved from my home in Florida to my new home in Pennsylvania, an Appalachian state. My experiences in Pennsylvania, as well as others who grew up in this area and other Appalachian regions, are what I hope to write about on this blog. I’ll also be covering reviews of books related to Appalachia, impact of the history and culture of different Appalachian regions, and anything else that inspires me.

Because I am going to college at a small liberal arts school, there are a lot of people from different places around the world. It is easy to think of campus as a bubble that only contains the hardships caused by papers, exams, and other people within the bubble. I hope this blog will help expand my knowledge of what lies outside of the “Haverbubble” and also inspire others to get to know Appalachia better.

If you would like to contact me, please email me at


If you would like information on becoming a Monkey Do Project intern (yes, the position can be virtual), serving as a college ambassador on your campus, or starting a Monkey Do Project ambassadorship program at your campus, college or school, please email us at

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