Monkey Do Project Joins #CampusChat to Discuss Education, Hunger and Help

Effect of hunger and poverty on students and education

Monkey Do Project Joins #CampusChat to Discuss Education, Hunger and Help

What role does hunger and poverty play on education?

How do you identify students suffering from hunger?

Does Appalachian poverty and hunger have different academic effects on school kids compared to the rest of the nation?

How can professors, students, teachers, parents, educators and more help?

Effect of hunger and poverty on students and education

Join Monkey Do Project this Wednesday, August 19th,9 p.m. Eastern, as we discuss these questions (and more!) on Twitter for #CampusChat with Smart College Visit.

We’ll learn about the effects of hunger and poverty on students, as well as touch on specifics of Appalachia and how educators, colleges and students can get involved in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Why Participate?

  • Twitter chats are super fun (Seriously!)
  • Great way to connect and network with people who have huge giving hearts (our supporters ROCK, for real!)
  • Learn food insecurity and hunger in U.S. Appalachia, how it affects students and how to help
  • Help us raise awareness about hunger, poverty, Appalachia and Monkey Do Project

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

A Twitter Party is a fun, fast-paced forum for discussing a specific topic.

Questions will be asked via tweet and party participants tweet back responses and comments by including the hashtags #campuschat and #monkeydo.

(PSSST: If you don’t use both of those hashtags, we won’t see you on the chat!)

It’s easy and it’s fun! (But, it’s OK if this is your first time! We’ll help you!)

Follow these accounts on Twitter:

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Be sure to follow the accounts on Twitter before the party!

How does it work?

First of all, you will need a Twitter account. If you need one, sign up today (it’s free!).

Then, at the party date/time,  join in the conversation by including the hashtags #campuschat and #monkeydo in your tweet. (A hashtag is a word or phrase that is used to connect all the tweets using the pound sign, or “#”) This makes it easy to find all the content related to the conversation.) So, a tweet would look like this:

[tweetthis]I’m joining #campuschat Wed,8/19,9pE, to discuss effects of #poverty + #hunger on #students. [/tweetthis]

The best way to follow along with the party and see all of the discussion is to follow the hashtag: #campuschat.

Simply go to Twitter and type #campuschat in the search bar. This will show you all the discussions with that hashtag. (Don’t forget to refresh your screen periodically so you can see the discussion.) You can also use free tools like Hootesuite or Tweetdeck.

Have questions about joining the Twitter chat? Email us for help and we’ll help you get set up!

About #CampusChat

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