Thanksgiving Hunger | Helping Families with Special Needs


Thanksgiving Hunger | Helping Families with Special Needs

We have collected $250.00 of our $450.00 target. It is 55.56% of our goal for the Thanksgiving Turkeys for Families with Disabilities campaign


Thanksgiving Hunger in America

For many of us in the U.S., Thanksgiving is a time of enjoying bountiful meals around tables filled with families and friends. Unfortunately, for far too many American families, Thanksgiving is just like any other day — a day of wondering where the next meal is going to come from. There are no stuffed turkeys or green bean casseroles or hot, buttery rolls. There’s just another empty plate and hunger reflected in a child’s eyes as he looks up at his mom and dad.

This year for Thanksgiving, we have been asked to help provide 30 turkeys for families with special needs. Hunger always hurts, but it is even more prominent for families during the holidays when others are enjoying overfilled plates and happy school breaks. And, they can’t just go to the nearest food bank because many food banks run out of food at the holidays. (And many don’t even have the capacity or support services to offer turkeys.)

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Thirty may seem like a small amount to you, like we aren’t making a huge impact or a big difference. But to those 30 families in need, a Thanksgiving turkey and a full meal that will carry them for a week is the world.

Will you join us in helping fill the plates of these families in need for Thanksgiving?


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