Shocking Truth About Diapers [Plus Infographic]

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Shocking Truth About Diapers [Plus Infographic]


She handed me her baby and I noticed immediately that the little one had a dirty diaper.

“Oh! This little cutie has a dirty diaper! Do you want to take care of it before you go to class?”

“I’ll be right back after I drop my stuff…” the mom smiled sadly at me over her shoulder.

And then, she never returned before class started.

I was volunteering in the children’s room while a group of moms were going through skill classes like budgeting, interviewing for a job and nutrition. It’s what happens at this particular shelter when you graduated out of the shelter. The residents were required to come back for a six-week set of classes to hopefully help prevent them from ending up in a shelter again.

But the diaper thing? I had no idea.

I didn’t know that people on SNAP (“food stamps”) couldn’t use that service to buy diapers.

WIC and Medicaid doesn’t cover diapers either.

And, I didn’t know that some babies in low income families stay in one diaper all day because the family can’t afford to change them regularly.

And, I sure didn’t know that some of these families clean out disposable diapers as much as they can and reuse them.

I didn’t know…

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Why It’s Not as Easy as Cloth Diapers versus Disposable

Whenever there’s an issue, there’s always a solution, right? And, providing reusable cloth diapers to families in need seems to be a valid solution — not just financially, but also for the environment.

However, it’s not that easy.

Many low income families don’t have access to washers or dryers. And, if they can get to laundromats (some don’t have cars or access to public transportation), many laundromats don’t allow families to wash cloth diapers there because their washers don’t get hot enough to kill bacteria.

So, you see, there is no easy solution. Babies need diapers — clean diapers — and we need to ensure that families have them.

Now what?

All of these reasons together make up why we are helping out a group of moms by providing each of them with a diaper tote, diapers and wipes. We are partnering up with a group in West Virginia that sponsors a luncheon for these moms each year where they’ll learn about important things like nutrition, smoking effects, car seat safety, dental health and more.

Just $22 will provide a diaper tote filled with diapers and wipes to moms in need! Will you help us take the a little of the burden off of these families by giving a diaper tote or two?


HURRY! This drive ends May 31, 2016.


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