Help Start a Soup Kitchen!

hunger soup kitchen Appalachia

Help Start a Soup Kitchen!

Want to be part of something big?

The Monkey Do Project has been asked to help provide food to help open a soup kitchen in Appalachia and we need your help!

Charleston is the beautiful capital of West Virginia. However, the city has a high rate of poverty, homelessness, and lack of jobs available to the residents.

[tweetthis]20.5% of Charleston, #WV residents live in #poverty. HELP? #hunger[/tweetthis]

Unfortunately, this leaves many in the community without basic items like food. We are working with an organization in the area that is opening a new soup kitchen. And, they need our help stocking the kitchen with food to serve community members in need a hot meal every day!

[tweetthis]Just $10 gives 80 hungry school kids a cup of milk! WILL YOU HELP? #hunger #Appalachia #npo[/tweetthis]


When you give to our “Fill a Food Bank” campaign, you are directly helping fill food banks and open soup kitchens in Appalachia!

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[tweetthis]I just helped open a soup kitchen in #Appalachia #WV (you can too!) [/tweetthis]

[tweetthis]Just $20 gives 56 hungry people a serving of spaghetti! WILL YOU HELP? #hunger #Appalachia[/tweetthis]

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