Coats 4 Cause | WV Flood Families Still Need Help


Coats 4 Cause | WV Flood Families Still Need Help

In June 2016, a devastating flood hit West Virginia. It is considered one of the deadliest floods in West Virginia history, taking 23 lives. Reports have around 1,200  homes destroyed or damaged, leaving hundreds of people homeless.

And, it hasn’t ended. Even now, four months later, many families are still in turmoil and the fallout is still a happening. A recent conversation with Lynn, who works for family services in one of the affected counties, revealed that a major bridge was just closed because of  damage from the flood. This bridge closing leaves a entire community cut off, with only small, back road accesses, many of which are also in jeopardy because of the flood.

So, even though the flood is over, the devastation is not. Many of these families, who have lost so much, are trying to rebuild … and the cold is coming fast. Many are fighting mold (if they do have homes), and rebuilding, and figuring out where they’re going to live all while winter is approaching. Many need basics like clothing and beds and … so much more.

Will you join us in our pledge to provide winter coats to West Virginia families affected by the flood?

We’re providing nice, warm coats for families in need who were affected by the flood … many who lost everything.

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