Take the Cheeseburger Challenge to Help Someone in Need!

Take the CHEESEBURGER CHALLENGE to help others

Take the Cheeseburger Challenge to Help Someone in Need!

In our recent newsletter, I talked about how a cheeseburger taught me an important lesson.  (WHAT?! You’re not getting our newsletters? GO HERE NOW. I’ll wait. Seriously.) Out of that newsletter came the CHEESEBURGER CHALLENGE.



[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]Average American spends $25 per week on fast food–enough money to buy a coat for someone in need. #hunger #poverty[/tweetthis]

Monkey Do Project has a challenge for you … A CHEESEBURGER CHALLENGE! 

We are asking you to join us in trading in your fast food trips (or gourmet coffee or pizza or Chinese food deliveries or whatever is your “thing”) for a coat! For the average cost of a couple of fast food trips, you can donate a coat to someone in need!

Will you join us?


  1. Pick a few days (or a week) that you are going to give up fast food (or whatever).
  2. Pledge to give the money you would spend on those fast food days to Monkey Do Project Coats for a Cause.
  3. Donate that money (below).
  4. Tweet and share on social media about your awesomeness!


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[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]I joined CHEESEBURGER CHALLENGE to trade fast food for coats to help others. JOIN ME? #charity #appalachia[/tweetthis]


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