Thank You For Adopting Shelter Families

West Virginia Shelter Adopted Families

Thank You For Adopting Shelter Families

Thank you to those supporters who stepped up and “adopted” one of our West Virginia shelter families and/or donated to the cause.

In early December, a shelter in West Virginia had multiple families become residents at the facility. And, these families had not been “adopted out” to receive Christmas gifts for their annual Christmas party.

Monkey Do Project supporters stepped up and donated/adopted the rest of the families and we were able to ensure that every family in the shelter was covered for the holidays!

From the shelter:

Thank you [to Monkey Do Project]for connecting us with all these families for our Adopt-A-Family for Christmas Program. It went really well … we were able to get a Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus for Christmas day and all kinds of little helpers [to hand out gifts]. I just thought I would give you a call and tell you THANK YOU. Please, if you could connect us next year with some people [to adopt families]that would be greatly appreciated!

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