Something has been bothering me lately. When you choose to help those in need the United States there is always a group of people who want to push back. You think that you area doing something good, but for every one person you help there are always 10 people waiting to tell you that what you're doing (or how you're doing it) is wrong. Most of the time, I just ignore it. However, sometimes it beats you down and tonight I want to answer some of the repeat questions that I get about helping Appalachian Americans.

You may have noticed something on social media: people are "Fiving Out" their photos on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness for #Monkeytober13. So, what's it all about anyway?

$5 Fills a Food Bank for an Entire Year

While working late one night on my personal blog, I had a sobering realization: If everyone who followed me on Twitter gave just $5, we could fill the empty Clay, West Virginia food bank for an entire year. And then I had to stop what I was doing because ... WHOA. Now that's powerful.