Wow. Can you believe how fast 2013 flew by? Not long ago, I asked one of our board members when we started The Monkey Do Project. (It was Spring 2012, by the way.) I really couldn't remember. When you're in the proverbial trenches everyday focusing on helping communities in need, you tend to lose track of things like "when we started" and "how much we've done."

In September, we told you about how we visited Clay, West Virginia. The needs were so great there and the food bank was empty. This meant an already bad situation of people not being able to afford food was even worse because they had nowhere to turn to get food. When the food banks are empty, where do you go? The answer is sadly, nowhere. The Monkey Do Project left that trip with a pledge to help fill that food bank each and every month for as long as they needed. Yikes.

Last week while most of you were planning and attending those great end-of-the summer parties full of food, fun and family, my family and I were getting an eye-opening experience in Clay, West Virginia. In this extremely remote rural area, there is no industry or place to get a job. The unemployment rate is 10%. Many programs to help people have been cut or have run out of funds, and the food bank is empty. That's right, the place that is supposed to be able to help hungry people is empty.