Flat Monkey Project

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The Flat Monkey Project is a nod to the Flat Stanley books. (If you haven’t read them to your children, check them out!) We have many parents and teachers contact us and ask how their children can get involved in helping out The Monkey Do Project. We wanted to give kids, families, groups and organizations a fun way to raise money to help those in Appalachia, so we came up with The Flat Monkey Project.

What is The Flat Monkey Project?

The Flat Monkey (unfortunately) got flattened into the same size as a piece of paper. (You’ll have to read his story to find out how.) When that happened, Flat Monkey decided he should be mailed all around the U.S. in order to help raise money for The Monkey Do Project and the people of Appalachia.

How Does The Flat Monkey Project Work?

Flat Monkey gets mailed to different people. Each person who gets Flat Monkey makes an online donation to Monkey Do Project and then mails him on to another person, family, group or organization (of your choice!). Those people then repeat the process. It helps raise money for our Monkey Do Project efforts to help those in Appalachia.

Who Should Do Flat Monkey?

Anyone! This is a great and FUN fundraising project for churches, schools, offices, families and any other group who wants to help Appalachia!

Where Does the Money Go for Flat Monkey?

The money raised through your Flat Monkey will go to the Monkey Do Project effort chosen from the first person who started your Flat Monkey. If your Flat Monkey isn’t registered or allocation of funds wasn’t stated, it will go to general funds to be used for various projects at Monkey Do Project.

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Got a Flat Monkey in the mail but don’t know what to do? You can find help at the Continue the Flat Monkey Page.