Flat Monkey Story

How did Monkey get flat, anyway?

Monkey was sad. He had heard about a place in the United States called Appalachia. It is the poorest area of the U.S. Many people there don’t have food regularly for their family. Some don’t even have running water or even a house!

Monkey wanted to help the people in Appalachia, but he didn’t know how. As he walked around one day, scratching his head and thinking about how he could help, he looked up at the banana tree. “That’s it!” Monkey thought. “I’ll send them bananas to help!”

Monkey climbed the banana tree and reached waaaay over to pick bananas. As he was leaning, he heard a loud crack and realized that the banana tree was breaking. As Monkey fell to the ground, the big banana tree fell smack! right on top of him!


As Monkey wriggled out from under the tree, he noticed something unusual: the tree had smashed him and one of his bananas flat as a piece of paper! It was then that Monkey had a great idea! He realized how he could help the people of Appalachia. He would mail himself around the United States, telling people about Appalachia and asking for donations to help! What a great idea!

 Flat Monkey is here today to ask you to help the poorest people in the U.S. Will you?

Get started today!

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