Start a Flat Monkey

Flat Monkey Directions

Getting Started for First Person/Group

If you’re just starting your own Flat Monkey, THANK YOU! Not only are you taking on a fun project for your family, group, church or school, but you are also helping people in need in the United States.

If you received a Flat Monkey in the mail, you need to go to the Continue a Monkey page

How To Get Started with a New Flat Monkey:

  1. Download the package and share the Flat Monkey story with your group.
  2. Decide what you want to name your monkey. (Be creative! Many people will be registering their monkeys at Monkey Do Project and you want yours to stand out!)
  3. Register your Flat Monkey on so we can help you keep track of his travels! (Only the first person needs to do this.)
  4. Determine how much you or your group is going to donate to get the project started—donations are what fuel the Flat Monkey and keeping him moving around!
  5. Donate at via secure PayPal. Be sure to put your REGISTERED Flat Monkey’s name and the city and state of origin in the comments section of the PayPal Donation.

  6. Log the Flat Monkey’s name on the tracking sheet (in the package–download it now) and complete the information in #1 on the tracking sheet.
  7. Take a picture with your Flat Monkey so you can upload it to our site!
  8. Pack up all the info in the downloaded package and mail it to the next lucky person or group. (You get to choose which person or group gets your Flat Monkey next!)
  9. Keep an eye on the Flat Monkeys Map so you can see your monkey travel!

Have questions? Just contact us!

Also, check out the FAQ page.

Follow the Flat Monkey Project on Twitter as @FlatMonkeyProj.