Summer Starvation

Summer starvation–it’s a real thing and it’s happening right here in the United States. For many hungry U.S. children, their only source of regular meals comes from school. Some kids have breakfast at school and lunch at school and then don’t eat again until the next morning at school breakfast.

The weekends are bad for some, having their last meals on Friday at lunchtime and then little to nothing at all until breakfast the next Monday morning at school. If American children are hungry like this during the school year, then what happens to them during the summer when they are out MonkeyDoProjectFightHungerKidsof school?

*6 out of 7 American school children participating in school lunch programs won’t have access to regular meals during the summer.

We’re trying to change this.


By partnering up with Appalachian food banks and other services, we’re working to provide regular summer meals to hungry Appalachian children.