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You may have noticed something on social media: people are "Fiving Out" their photos on Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness for #Monkeytober13. So, what's it all about anyway?

$5 Fills a Food Bank for an Entire Year

While working late one night on my personal blog, I had a sobering realization: If everyone who followed me on Twitter gave just $5, we could fill the empty Clay, West Virginia food bank for an entire year. And then I had to stop what I was doing because ... WHOA. Now that's powerful.

Last week while most of you were planning and attending those great end-of-the summer parties full of food, fun and family, my family and I were getting an eye-opening experience in Clay, West Virginia. In this extremely remote rural area, there is no industry or place to get a job. The unemployment rate is 10%. Many programs to help people have been cut or have run out of funds, and the food bank is empty. That's right, the place that is supposed to be able to help hungry people is empty.

  WOW! You guys really came through for our backpack project. We were able to send 56 FILLED backpacks to kids in West Virginia who had no school supplies! Lynn, who coordinated the effort with us, said: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You certainly made my day. She...

  In July, we received an emergency call from a family center in West Virginia who had been hit by storms and was without electricity and running water for over two weeks. In two days, thanks to your help, we put together 30 emergency blessing bags and shipped them....